We have been creating products for the health sector for 14 years and are always looking for new products to fill gaps in the market.

Why Qcumber?

When we started to look at the adult drinks market it was clear that there had been no real innovation for several years.

Qcumber was born out of one of those rare ‘eureka’ moments. One summer’s evening we were enjoying a gin with slices of crisp cucumber in it and the thought came to us ‘this could be the next flavour’ ….and (after a lot of hard work!) Qcumber saw the light of day! A versatile drink, great on its own but also perfect as a mixer for gin, vodka and Pimms


We were delighted that Qcumber was named the most innovative new product of 2013 at one of the country’s largest industry events, receiving 2 prestigious awards:
• Best Drinks Product Innovation
• Outstanding New Product Innovation

The judging panel at the IFE said: ‘Qcumber is an exciting, innovative product that brings a unique flavour to the drinks market. We believe Qcumber’s success is down to the fact that it can be adapted to suit many occasions, whether as an everyday soft drink or as a mixer’

We were delighted to recieve the prestigious Great Taste 2 Star Award in 2016.


What people say


Delightfully refreshing

Absolutely delicious on its own. Even better with vodka or gin’  Happy Sipper


‘A bit like a non-alcoholic Pimms!

A nice change from sparkling elderflower!’  W1 shopper


‘Love this

This is very refreshing, I am not a great cucumber fan, but still enjoy this.  DCMG


‘Lovely with a curry!

I bought this to match with a curry I made, it paired perfectly.’  Beevine


I have only just discovered Qcumber and think it is wonderful. I shall be buying it regularly from now on. You are right- it is an adult drink . It is the answer to the question of what to drink that is refreshing, non-alcoholic but also not full of sugar.  L B