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Welcome to the exciting new taste of Qcumber – a unique blend of natural cucumber and gently sparkling spring water… perfect on its own or great as a mixer with Gin, Vodka or Pimms.


“Qcumber sparkling drink. Move over elderflower – it’s all about the cucumber this summer”

– Holly Brooke-Smith GOOD FOOD MAGAZINE


Did you know: we also make Cucumber Gin? Click here to take a look!

Latest News

  • Qcumber featured in Independent Retail News’ Soft Drinks feature

    Qcumber has been featred in Independent Retail News’s Soft Drinks section. Please click here to take a look at the article.

Cocktail of the Month

  • Muddy Muddy Boots

    Qcumber Muddy Boots Cocktail High Res
    • 1 part Cucumber Gin
    • 2 parts Qcumber ginger spring water
    • 2 parts lemonade
    • 1 part Pimms
    • 1 wedge of lemon
    • 1 slice of cucumber
    Grab a long tall glass add ice cubes, gin and Pimms then add the lemonade and top up with the Qcumber ginger spring water. To serve add a slice of lemon and cucumber and a straw.



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