Merry Christmas and a Happy ‘Q’ Year

Qcumber News

A unique cucumber flavour drink could prove to be the new alternative to an indulgent festive tipple this Christmas.

Qcumber is a brand new soft drink that combines sophistication and simplicity to make a drink that is special enough to enjoy at a Christmas party, or at home.

The refreshing soft drink blends the subtly sweet taste of cucumber with gently sparkling spring water, to create the fresh flavor that has made it popular since its recent launch.

Brand spokesman, Graham Carr Smith, said; “We know that Christmas is a time for indulgence and drink certainly plays a big part in the festivities.   However for those who are not drinking for any reason, it can also be quite frustrating with few exciting non-alcoholic options on the shelves.

“Qcumber offers those people the chance to try something curiously delightful that will make every occasion over the festive period one to remember.”

Best enjoyed chilled from the fridge, Qcumber need not be for those avoiding alcohol and can also be served as a mixer, with gin and vodka, or included in a cocktail.

The effervescent and individual taste of Qcumber has been created by using a blend of natural cucumber essence and sparkling spring water, to create a fresh flavor.

Made from 100% natural ingredients, Qcumber is free from; artificial sweeteners, colours, preservatives and flavourings; and contains just 67 calories per 250ml.

It is currently available from Ocado in 750ml bottles, at £2.60p.


Eat In Magazine recommends Qcumber

Qcumber News

Eat In magazine recommends Qcumber as its Alcohol-free bottle of choice in October 2012’s issue of the magazine.

Please click on the image of the magazine to see a larger version.

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